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Circle, tribe, clan, squad…whatever the name you call your most important people in your life, make sure they are good to you! You need to surround yourself with people who raise you up, help you learn and inspire you to be a better you. If you have friends that tell you to go for it and are excited to see what you are doing and those people help you along the way, those are the people you want in your clan! If you have friends who put you down, make snarky comments about what your doing or ask more negative type questions about it, then guess what, they need to go!

You deserve nothing but positive love and encouragement in your life. Surround yourself with those who share similar interests, make you think and engage you in interesting conversation. You need cheerleaders in your life not negative Nelly’s!

I have noticed since starting my own truth journey, surrounding myself with like minded people has been the best thing I could do. We are able to throw ideas at each other and ask for advice. I know the advice they have to offer me and vice-versa is genuine. We are here to see the other flourish and be the best they can.  Here’s an example of just this; I was having lunch at work the other day with one such person and it was the first time we really talked about life. He never knew what I had done in the past and mentioned that with my experiences I was made for this journey! I also had no idea his background and was shocked to see he wasn’t doing something more along the lines of consulting. He mentioned that he had thought about it but felt he was to old…that is when I kicked it up a notch. “Your not old and your never to old to live your truth!” I boldly exclaimed. We both sat there laughing and continued to have a very powerful, thought provoking and idea generating conversation. It was truly an amazing talk. We both walked away with so many new ideas and a fresh outlook on our truth being heard!

So, my take away from this is to talk about your journey, see who shows interest and be bold enough to ask them for coffee too talk more! You will gain and learn so much from speaking to other like minded friends!

Good luck and remember to always believe your truth!

xoxo Jen

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