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Fact: According to Psychologist Shad Helmstetter the average child has heard negative comments like, “It can’t be done,” “You shouldn’t do it” and “It’s impossible,” over 148,000 times before he even leaves the nest! By the time we go out to make it on own we are so used to hearing that kind of feedback that we then constantly tell ourselves ‘no’.

It is such a horrible habit most of us have gotten used to and we allow in our lives over and over again. We say things to ourselves like, ‘stick to what you’re doing and don’t think about changing things, they’re fine just the way they are.’ Or ‘What if you’re more miserable when you start trying it because it is taking more work than you thought and it fails right away, then you’ll just look silly?’

But, maybe you really hate your job and feel undervalued or it could be the way that a friend treats you by constantly taking little jabs and putting you down. Maybe you have always wanted to take a step into turning your hobby into a career. You might start and then for one reason or another you hear that little pain in the a$$ voice in your head saying ‘NO! STOP! You are crazy! You can’t do that!’

I was listening to the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show the other day and they were talking about just this topic. Sorry guys, the ladies will relate more to this one; if your mortal enemy asks for a tampon, you probably wouldn’t say no knowing what it is like to desperate need one in your white pants you wore today not knowing it was going to be a week early! Would you?! Seriously though, you all know what I mean by this: If you wouldn’t say no to your mortal enemy, why the hell would you say no to yourself?

We are supposed to love ourselves above and beyond anyone else out there. If we don’t love ourselves how can we love anyone else? Gary Vanynerchuk once said in an interview “Be fully in love with yourself!” He then went on to say ‘We all have strengths, let’s audit that, look at what your good at and focus on that! Stop judging yourself and beating yourself up.’

It is time for you to shout back and be a bully to yourself, go ahead give it a try! No one is judging you! Next time you hear that sh*t talk in your head, scream back ‘Hey! YES I CAN! I am good at it and it makes me happy so shut up and enjoy yourself while we give it a go!’

No more NO! Believe your truth and do it damn it!

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