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I was at a graduation party last weekend and it was such a nice celebration of someone who believed his truth and followed his dream to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy after years of serving as a Green Beret Medic in our Military for years. There was a particular guest there where every 5 minutes there was something new wrong with her and all she keep doing was talking about them. You could tell everyone was getting fed up with her and people eventually moved away from her and eventually avoided her altogether. At one point, she was complaining she hadn’t eaten anything all day and her blood sugar was getting low and she was dizzier than normal. I looked over at the table full of a variety of foods and said, “if you feel so miserable then eat, look at this smorgasbord, let me get you something.’ And you know what she did, she ignored me and continued on with her negative whining! At that point I wanted to say, can’t you focus on the good things here today? Isn’t there anything going right in your life?

We have become such a negative society. Zig Zigler wrote in a very interesting article on this topic – “Is society negative or positive? The answer: It’s more negative than positive. Dr. J. Allan Petersen points out that society’s input is predominantly negative. Our conversations at home accentuate the negative. Unfortunately, a negative thinker activates the world around him negatively, and every bit of negativism he sows produces a bumper crop. Albert Einstein said ‘we have to have seven positive influences to overcome one negative one’.”

Negativity is everywhere and it doesn’t help that the media slams it down our throats at every chance they get. I think we should have a positive news channel where only good things in the world get broadcast. Because, there are still good things out there! In fact, they are everywhere you look, it all just depends on how you look at things! Mr. Rogers interview from 1999 recently went viral because of this quote :

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” – Mr. Fred Rogers

We need to focus more on the positive. That positivity will take you places you can’t even imaging and eventually the positivity will surround you and become apart of your beautiful aura! You will attract positive people into your circle! The things you will discuss will make you happy and you will notice yourself smiling and laughing more ! And, you will want to achieve more things in your life, maybe you will be more positive about stepping out of your comfort zone and believing your truth! Give it a go!

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