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I have always tried to look at people as I pass them, smile and say hello. It seems like most can’t do the same. We are all in such a rush these days and so occupied with our phones that stopping to have a meaningful conversation is almost impossible. Most will reply ‘hi’ as they continue to walk by looking a their phone. It is more of an automated response than someone who really cares or even heard you.

Yesterday was different for me. I went to get my Friday coffee and when the girl handed it to me I said ‘thank you have a really wonderful weekend!’ She began to turn back to the register, paused and turned back around. Looked me directly in the eyes with a look like she hadn’t heard someone be sincere all morning, smiled a genuine smile and said “thank you, you too!” And that was it, I was off.  I was now the one who had a huge smile on my face! I hope she can make someone pause in the crazy of the day and reply while being present knowing how good it feels.

Why is so hard connecting with someone by stopping to speak, looking them in the eye and being present. How about when you use their name. The smiles I get if I read their name tag and say ‘thanks Bill or Ann’… the wonderment on their faces like ‘wow! she took the time to ‘see me’.’ It is amazing. I urge you to try to take the time to reconnect and be in the moment with one another, you might be surprised at what we can learn and how much more comfortable we would be living our truth each other! Be present, be real, be genuine, BE YOU…

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